Toddler Drowns in a PG&E Canal


A 2-year-old boy died after drowning in a Colfax canal(photo credit:

Children should always be supervised by adults when they are near water. However, in this particular accident, the mother was with his son and almost drowned with him when they slipped into a Pacific Gas and Electric Co. canal.

The recent accident took place in Lake View Drive as the mother and her 18-month-old son, Zachary Mather, were walking along the Colfax Canal.

Reports indicate that the two slipped on ice into the canal around 9:40 am while the toddler was throwing stones into it.

The mother was able to get out of the canal but, unfortunately, the boy was unable to save himself from drowning.

The mother was seen frantically screaming for help as the boy was washed away into a straining gate.

Rescuers, including a sheriff’s helicopter searched for the boy for around two hours until his remains were found.

They tried to save him by bringing him to a hospital where he was declared dead shortly after his arrival.

This tragic drowning could have been prevented if only there were guardrails around the canal that should have restrained the mother and the toddler when they slipped.

On the other hand, the mother should have been more careful and avoided that particular path because of the dangers of slipping and falling into the canal.

Our prayers are with the Mather family.

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