Toddler Drowns in Backyard Pool

An unsupervised 2-year-old boy died after he fell and drowned at a Garden Grove swimming pool recently.

Toddler drowns in Backyard Pool

Toddler drowns in Backyard Pool

The boy was reportedly under the care of his grandmother who was also taking care of her two other grandchildren at the time of the accident. The two other grandchildren were said to be suffering from a developmental disability.

Reports show that the pool was surrounded by a wrought iron fence and its gates were left open by the two teenagers. Authorities speculate that the child could have gotten into the plastic pool when he entered the gate while no one was watching.

Family members found the boy and were instructed by the 911 operator to administer CPR. Unfortunately, the boy was pronounced dead at the hospital where he was brought by rescuers who also tried to revive him.

The tragic death of this child should remind each and everyone to never leave their child unsupervised especially in the pool area. I understand that the grandmother is looking after two other children and so other family members should have helped her with the toddler.

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