Two Young Brothers Drown

Children should be kept under watchful eyes at all times as they are unaware of possible dangers that things around them present.

Drowing victims Marcus Nevaeh and Micah Tucker

"Four-year-old Marcus Nevaeh and one-year-old Micah Emmanuel Tucker." (photo credit: michael fagans/the californian)

Two young brothers, identified as four-year-old Marcus Nevaeh and one-year-old Micah Emmanuel Tucker, died recently under the watch of their mother’s roommates.

Their mother, Candiace Tucker, reportedly left her sons the night before with her roommates Colt Powers, 21, and Joshua Valenzuela, 22, at the latter’s home owned by his foster parents in Bakersfield.

Valenzuela was reportedly sleeping and Powers went to the bathroom leaving the boys playing in the den. Powers said he was gone only for a short time and immediately searched inside the house first before he went out and saw the boys at the bottom of the pool.

He immediately called 911 and listened to the instructions of the operator on how to resuscitate them. He was still reviving the boys when rescuers came and brought them to the hospital where they died moments later.

I believe that the two young men meant no harm. Valenzuela even recalled that he bought car seats for the boys to keep them safe. He was their mother’s friend for about 10 years.

My condolences go out to the family of the boys, especially to their grieving mother who lost her babies in an instant.

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