Drunken Lakers Fan Arrested after Crashing into 3 Parked Vehicles

A Lakers fan who may have drunk too much while watching the team beat Celtics in the game six was arrested by authorities after his new Nissan 350Z slammed into three parked cars.

LA Lakers fans

"LA Lakers fans." (photo credit: coxnewsweb.com)

According to reports, the crash happened along Gramercy Place, between Marine Avenue and West 152nd Street in Gardena.

The male driver said he drunk two 40-ounce beers while he was watching the game at his friend’s house.

It turns out that the three vehicles he damaged are owned by a single person (talk about bad luck).

The driver was arrested by the police on the suspicion of drunk driving.

Authorities should be more careful when the final game takes place. For sure, many people will drink while celebrating the victory of their chosen team. It is okay to celebrate, but you should still follow the law because failure to do so can end up in an accident.

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