DUI Charge Filed against Former Riverside Police Chief

Former Riverside Police Chief Russell Leach has been finally charged with DUI, more than a month after he crashed his city-owned Chrysler into a light pole and fire hydrant.

This development came up amidst issues that the department’s assistant chief attempted to cover up Leach’s case. Thankfully, his former position in the department did not stop officers from conducting a proper investigation, though it took them quite long to release their findings.

According to reports, Leach was charged with misdemeanor driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

The 62-year-old former police chief claimed that he was disoriented due to pain medication when he was involved in the controversial Feb. 8 crash.

Investigators reportedly determined that he has taken around 11 drinks and numerous prescription drugs prior to the crash.

Leach tried to flee the crash site but was fortunately stopped by his own police officers about three miles away from it.

If you are following the story, you already know that he resigned from his position last month because of medical reasons.

Leach can be placed behind prison bars for up to six months if he was found guilty of DUI.

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