DUI Checkpoint Ends up In 10 Arrests

Now that the independence weekend is over, it is time to sober up and act normally again.

Lodi Checkpoint

Lodi Checkpoint

As a continuation to Jane’s last entry, I am now writing about the weird things that happened last weekend.

While all people are celebrating our independence day, Lodi Police experienced facing weird things….from a driver whose alcohol blood content is four times greater the legal limit to people who are only wearing their underwear.

According to reports, authorities were able to make 10 arrests last Saturday, but not all of them are due to DUI.

Police said three people came through the checkpoint wearing only underwear and shirts. What is weirder is that these people are sober and licensed!

Meanwhile, a person punched an officer in the stomach during a license check while another one tried to avoid authorities altogether.

Reports said the fleeing driver almost struck all of the officers along the area. He was arrested after twenty-five minutes for driving under the influence of narcotics and because a warrant of arrest has been issued against him (prior to the chase).

All in all, around 44 cars were towed due to drivers who were driving on a suspended license or were not licensed at all.

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