DUI Checkpoints Set up Across California for Independence Day Weekend

Its Independence Day weekend and I am sure many of us have plans for celebration.

There will be fireworks and lots of booze!!!

Just remember guys DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!!!

DUI Checkpoints in California for Independence Day Weekend

DUI Checkpoints in California for Independence Day Weekend. (photo credit: abrokenlaptop.wordpress)

And if possible car accidents are not enough as a deterrent for drunk driving; various California law enforcement agencies will also be conducting DUI checkpoints in various locations.

The LAPD will be setting up their checkpoints at:

• Cahuenga Boulevard and Broadlawn Drive North Hollywood tonight at 6pm -1am
• Florence Avenue between Broadway and Main Street tomorrow (Saturday) between 6pm-1am

San Diego Police will also be setting up checkpoints over the weekend in Oceanside, Chula Vista, Oceanside and Escondido.

The CHP on their part announced that a maximum enforcement period will start at 6pm tonight and will last for 78 hours.

All available CHP officers will be on patrol during that period, which will end midnight on Monday.

Take note, these are just some of the DUI checkpoints that were set up and does not represent all law enforcement programs against DUI this weekend.

Enjoy the weekend and Happy Independence Day from us here in Injury in the CIty

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