DUI Charges Filed Against a Pennsylvania Judge

A judge is someone who presides over court litigations. The characteristics of a judge are typically powerful, fair and disciplined. However, a judge from Allegheny County, Pennsylvania apparently did not have the word “disciplined” in his vocabulary and forgot to practice it.

After getting involved in a car accident as a result of his DUI driving, Judge Randall Todd was arrested.

He was arrested by traffic enforcement officers after he was seen colliding with another vehicle at the intersection of Washington Road and Shady Drive East. According to reports, they said that the confused judge looked and smelled alcohol.

Minutes after the incident, the judge took a sobriety test which produced a failed result. Another test was conducted but reports about its results have not yet been released.

Sobriety tests are a series of tests administered and evaluated in a standardized manner to get validated indicators of impairment due to alcohol and establish probable cause for arrest. However, many studies still challenge the reliability of these tests.

Reports said that the judge was charged with one summary driving and two counts of driving under the influence.

According to the judge’s lawyer Judge Todd has capably served the residents of Allegheny County for a decade and has earned the respect of the bench and similar bar. He further added that the charges against the judge represent a single anomaly to a different distinguished career and that this matter is regrettable, disturbing and embarrassing for the judge.

The Administrative Common Pleas Judge Jeffrey Manning said that temporarily, Judge Todd will monitor civil cases until his criminal charge is resolved.

Laws are still biased. It only proves that even judges have no exception to DUI charges.

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