Hulk Hogan’s Estranged Wife Busted for DUI

Linda Hogan

Photo gives credit to Eonline.

Following the reports about Hulk Hogan’s leaked sex video footage, the public was again shaken by another disgraceful news when the former superstar wrestler’s estranged wife was reportedly busted for possible DUI.

According to reports, Linda Hogan was arrested Thursday morning after a cop pulled her for over speeding in Malibu. Subsequently, she was booked and jailed at a nearby police station. However, she was later released a few hours later upon paying her bail that amounted to $5,000.00.

Accordingly, it appeared in her blood alcohol content (BAC) test that she has a 0.84 BAC on her system, which is above the legal limit in the State of California.

In addition, Linda was also booked for driving on suspended license, according to a news story released by a highly visited celebrity gossip and entertainment news website.

On the other hand, a spokesperson from Linda’s party insisted that she was not booked for driving on suspended license. The representative also claimed that Linda was indeed regretful following her arrest. According to the representative, Linda was on her way home from a jewelry function and admitted that she drank a glass of champagne while on an empty stomach and in combination with antibiotics that probably intensified the effects of the alcohol in her system.

Apparently, it has been a rough week for the ex-couple. In fact, news regarding Linda’s arrest came just overnight after news about Hulk’s leaked sex video surfaced.

Meanwhile, a Los Angeles car accident attorney reminds motorists that alcohol and drugs can impair their driving abilities. Therefore, it is best to refrain from driving under the influence since it is very dangerous for anyone to drive while impaired.

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