Lindsay Lohan Skips Probation Hearing for 2007 DUI Conviction

Actress and singer Lindsay Lohan is under the spotlight again after she reportedly failed to show up at a probation hearing for her 2007 DUI conviction.

Linday Lohan skips probation

"When pulling over, make sure you are parked on the shoulder." (photo credit:

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel seems to disapprove Linday’s actions because she issued a warrant of arrest against the actress, which was recalled later on.

Reports said the warrant was recalled after Lohan’s camp paid at least 10% of the $100,000 bond.

Lohan said she was not able to attend the hearing because she was stuck in France and someone stole her passport.

Revel stated that the controversial actress should have made sure that she will fly back in the U.S. at least two days prior to the hearing or skipped attending the Cannes Film Festival.

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