Speeding, Drunken Driver Arrested after Crashing into Patrol Vehicle

A speeding and drunken driver has been arrested after he lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a patrol SUV in Rohnert Park.

dui car accident drunk_driver crashes car into police suv

A suspected drunk driver was arrested after crashing his car into a police SUV(Photo Credit: cbs5.com)

According to reports, the driver Joshua Hicks, 27, from Rohnert Park, tried to flee after hitting the SUV.

Fortunately, Sgt. Dave Welch was not seriously injured in the crash. He was able to pin the driver’s vehicle against the curb.

Hicks refused to cooperate with the authorities so he was forcibly removed from the vehicle. His Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) at that time is 0.16, said reports.

Welch received medical treatment for back, shoulder, and right arm pain at the scene.

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