Stoudemire’s Mother Arrested after Refusing Sobriety Test in Arizona

Amare Stoudemire only grabbed three rebounds in Game 1 of the NBA’s Western Conference Finals between the LA Lakers and the Phoenix Suns.

Either Pau and the rest of the Laker’s Bigs are getting to him, or he might have other things in mind during last night’s game.

DUI Carrie Mae Stoudemire arrested

“Carrie Mae Stoudemire arrested for DUI.” (photo credit: Scottsdale Police Department)

It turns out, Amare just witnessed her mother being arrested by Arizona police last Saturday.

According to a police report, Carrie Mae Stoudemire was stopped by police after driving erratically.

She was then placed in handcuffs after refusing to take a sobriety test.

That is when Amare and another guy arrived, riding a Bentley.

The officers requested Amare to leave as they were causing his mother to act out, and he had no choice but to leave.

Carrie was eventually booked for speeding, failure to drive in a single lane and driving without a court-ordered ignition interlock device.

Hopefully, they can get all this sorted out.

We are not very familiar with Arizona DUI and traffic laws, but this might lead to some jail time especially if her actions were in violation of the terms of her previous DUI conviction.

We also hope that her mother, who has a long history of alcohol abuse, will get the help she needs to get over her alcohol dependency.

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