Dangers of Cell phones and other Facts about Car Accidents

Statistics show that vehicular mishaps are the leading cause of accidental deaths nationwide but not everyone knows the different factors that increase their likelihood of being involved in these accidents.

Facts about Car Accidents

Facts about Car Accidents

In Twiggy’s blog, she compiled statistics and rates that indicate the probability of being involved in different situations.

I think this list will help motorists better avoid accidents:

Interesting Facts about Car Accidents

1. About 40% of crashes that are fatal involve alcohol. If the accident takes place between midnight and 3am the percentage increases to about 75%.

2. On average 15 pedestrian school children are killed by school buses each year. These deaths tend to take place between 3pm and 4pm on weekdays.

3. Surveys suggest that male drivers cause twice as many accidents as female drivers.

4. Different types of car accidents include head on collisions, rollovers, rear-enders, suicides, side impacts and more. The most deadly of these accidents are the vehicle rollovers.

5. People between the ages of 16-20 face a higher chance of being injured or killed in a car crash over any other age group.

6. Most car accidents actually occur within 5 kilometers from home. There is a common misconception that car accidents occur while travelling to a vacation destination, but this is not the case.

7. Car accidents are the most common and most deadly source of personal injury in the world.

8. Cars that are more prone to accidents are sports cars and hatchbacks. Although cars that have a bigger engine have the greatest chance in being in a car accident.

9. Each year, approximately 300,000 teens are injured in a car crash. In the United States alone 5,000 teens die each year. On average, that equals to 14 teens a day.

10. Your chances of getting into a car crash while talking on a cell phone increases by 400%.

I was shocked to find out how dangerous cell phone-use while driving really is. I mean, I know it is negligent to use hand-held gadgets while driving but I didn’t realize how high it increases the probability of being involved in accidents.

I hope readers will keep these things in mind as I did.

To read more about Twiggy’s blog, you can click here.

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