2-Year Old Toddler Drowns in Jacuzzi in Temecula

A 2-year-old toddler died of drowning this weekend in Temecula.

2 year old toddler drowns in Jacuzzi in Temecula

“Toddler Drowns in Jacuzzi in Temecula.” (photo credit: showmelocal.com)

The boy was identified as Anthony Mares by the Coroner’s office.

The drowning accident happened last Saturday afternoon in a home on the 33000 block of Romance Place in Temecula.

According to Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, the boy has somehow made his way to the backyard unsupervised and fallen into an in-ground Jacuzzi.

It was not clear how long Anthony was in the water before he was discovered but when police officers came, the child was unresponsive so they began CPR.

He was taken to Rancho Springs Medical Center where he was pronounced dead at about 7pm.
Another tragedy involving a child.

Our prayers go the parents and the Mares family for losing a son so soon.

Hopefully readers, especially those with young children, can take lessons from this tragedy.

For those with pools, Jacuzzis or bath tubs in the house make sure that it is not easily accessible to children.

Under California pool safety act, pools are required to have a fence around it to limit children’s access.

I am not sure if it covers Jacuzzis but it would be best if they are also isolated and has limited access as well.

And finally, always have your eyes on your children especially near bodies of water.

Studies show that it only takes a couple of minutes of your inattention for a child to fall and drown.

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