CA Senators Approve Bill which Increases Cellphone Fines

Cellphone use while behind the wheel is known as a traffic violation in California. This act was prohibited because it can lead to driver distraction—one of the common causes of car accidents in the United States.

In an effort to save people from traffic accidents caused by cellphone use, the Senate has passed a bill which will require motorists as well as bicyclists to pay a bigger fine if they were caught committing this violation.

According to reports, Sen. Joe Simitian’s Senate Bill 28 (SB 28) was approved on a 23-13 vote. It was then given to Gov. Jerry Brown for his approval.

Under this bill, motorists will be required to pay $50 instead of $20 for their first offense. Subsequent offenses would amount to a $100 fine instead of $50. The amount for the first offense will increase from around $208 to $328 due to local and state assessments.

Meanwhile, bicyclists who will be caught using their cellphone while on the road will be required to pay $20 for their first offense. If they repeated the same violation, they will then have to pay $50. Fortunately, no assessments will be included, meaning they will pay a smaller fine compared to drivers.

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