LA Mayor Joins Campaign against Texting while Driving

More and more people are now joining the campaign against texting while driving due to the large number of accidents that resulted from it. Statistics from the Los Angeles Fire Department revealed that out of 100 accidents that are reported daily, at least 28% of them were caused by this offense.

General Negligence Texting While Driving

"LA Mayor Joins Campaign against Texting while Driving." (photo credit:

LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is the latest government official who took part and promoted the campaign against it. He was joined by Fire Chief Millage Peaks, AT&T officials, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, and school board member Nury Martinez.

Drivers who are texting while driving will be punished once they are caught because this action is prohibited by the law.

Beck has already instructed police officers to strictly implement the law in order to have safer roads.

Drivers are only banned from texting while they are driving. No one is stopping them from doing it once they have stopped or dismounted their vehicle.

One thought on “LA Mayor Joins Campaign against Texting while Driving

  1. It’s just time that people realize the dangers of texting while driving. I myself got into an accident months ago because of a driver who was not paying attention on the road, and boom! he smashed my car. He then paid for all my medical and repair expenses. What a pity!

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