Names of Speeding Celebrities Revealed

Speeding is considered as a violation of traffic rules and those who were caught doing it will be held liable for their actions.

Celebrities, just like normal citizens, are also required to comply with or follow traffic rules. If they failed to do so, they must be prepared to face the effects of their violation in terms of their popularity as well as legal status.

Here are some celebrities who were caught speeding:

celebrity car accident Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz Caught speeding 2008

Photo of Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz as he was stopped for speeding in LA last 2008(Photo Credit:

1. Al Gorre III
2. Lucy Liu
3. James Dean
4. Eric Clapton
5. Lindsay Lohan
6. Josh Holloway
7. Naveen Andrews
8. Whitney Huston
9. Ben Affleck
10. Oscar Levant
11. George Michael
12. Mike Tyson
13. Michael Jordan
14. Steve Wozniak
15. Dominic Monaghan
16. Jessica Alba
17. Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy

Meanwhile, here some celebrities who were spared from tickets or fines after they were seen speeding:

1. Emmanuel Lewis
2. Kate Bosworth
3. Michael J. Fox
4. Alec Baldwin

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