Fake Slip–and–Fall Accident Becoming a Big Business

slip and fall accidentInsurance frauds involving fake slip–and–fall accident claim has become a big business costing American consumers roughly $30 billion a year. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing frauds nowadays.

It is a cost doing great business. If a customer falls, business owners automatically have to pay.

Such fraudulent act is a quick source of income since slip–and–fall accident compensation can sum up to more than $300,000. Business owners often prefer to try to pay the victim with the amount of $500 and even $1000 once a slip–and–fall accident occur even without checking the incident at their security cameras just to make the complainants disappear and avoid further hassles rather than paying the entire $300,000.

A special agent with the National Insurance Crime Bureau investigator, Mark Sakalares said that some slip–and–fall accidents seem to be no longer legitimate accidents since some of them turned out to be staged.

He further said that fraud-hungry people smash into some of the small grocery stores trying to get a quick settlement through fake slip–and–fall accident.

In a surveillance video, several cases of fake slip–and–fall accidents were seen telling the real score. A video footage shows a woman pouring cider and puts a piece of fruit on the floor before enacting a fall. In another video, a woman made not only one but two falls after
pouring olive oil on the floor.

Usually, frauds work as a group. In some cases, there is at least one who will serve as a look out while the other one was busy pouring something which would cause a slip on the floor. Some frauds succeed while some were prosecuted. But still, it accounts for 5% of the fraud cases in several states like in North Dakota.

The increasing number of slip–and–fall frauds can be linked to the economic recession way back in 2008. The number of suspicious slip–and–fall accidents reported to the National Crime Insurance Bureau (NCBI) hit as high as 57% nationwide.

Between increased prices at the market and increased insurance premiums, estimate reveals fake slip-and-falls and other insurance fraud cost families about $950 a year.

Due to the sloping down economy, people see a great opportunity to make money even out of a fake slip-and-fall accident.

Statistics from the Centers for Control and Prevention said that over one million Americans suffer from personal injury resulting from a slip-and-fall accident. Apparently, out of this million count slip-and-fall accidents which were proven to be fraudulent. Thus, business owners should take note of this, since slip-and-fall claim is a factor for a business’ resource drain.

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