Families Sues City for Dangerous Fire Pits

Local governments are responsible for properties and road fixtures that they maintain. They must be able to assure the public that these properties will not cause any accident or injure anyone.

Huntington Beach has been recently sued by a family after a child sustained permanent damages and deformation on his foot after tripping and falling over a fire pit that was covered with sand.

The 11-year-old boy identified as Chad Kanon from Temecula is seeking $500,000 from the city after the September 7 incident that left him with scarring from second and third-degree burns on his foot.

The city claims that they shouldn’t be sued by the family as the beach where the incident happened is maintained by the state.

Last month, two other families filed claims against Huntington Beach and the state for an incident involving two boys. Autumn Williams, 13, reportedly got in a fire pit to help the 2-year-old son of Jennifer and Danny Eslinger who fell in it.

The Eslingers and the Williams are suing the city for damages after the children sustained burn injuries. They claim that the fire pit was hardly noticeable and that it is a “hidden danger” to passersby.

Accidents that involve children are heartbreaking especially in these cases where the children will be left with permanent scars that will remind them of the incident that brought much pain and suffering.

I hope the family will be given compensation for the economic and non-economic damages by whomever liable party is responsible for this accident.

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