Toddler Loses Fingertip in Escalator Accident

Parents should always keep an eye on their younger children as accidents are just waiting to happen when they are left unsupervised. Sadly, the companions of a child in Glendale were not able to save him from an accident that would certainly have life-long consequences.

A 2-year-old boy has fallen while riding a mall escalator recently, but, the scrapes and bruises he sustained from falling were nothing compared to his other injury – a severed fingertip!

According to reports, the boy’s index finger got caught at the bottom of the moving escalator causing the fingertip to be cut off from the rest of his finger.

Rescuers rushed the boy to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and firefighters tore apart a section of the escalator to look for the boy’s fingertip.

After about 30 minutes of searching, they found the severed fingertip, put it in ice, and rushed it to the hospital in hopes that doctors will be able to re-attach it by surgery.

Unfortunately, doctors said that the damage was so severe that they cannot re-attach the fingertip.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there is about 11,000 escalator accidents in 2007 and 10% of which involves injuries to the person’s hands, feet, and shoes.

I hope mall owners and building administrators will be more concerned on how they can lessen the probability of an escalator accident happening.

2 thoughts on “Toddler Loses Fingertip in Escalator Accident

  1. I agree that mall owners should be responsible in implementing safety measures to prevent accidents. More so, when children are seen as riding on and off the escalator. I guess it’s safer for parents to accompany their kids on elevator.

  2. Also, parents must watch over the actions of their child when inside the mall. They still have the primary responsibility for ensuring safety. However, when the property manager was proven negligent in abiding with OSHA regulations, he/she can face penalties and compensate the injuries of the kid.

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