Woman in Critical Condition after Hitting Head in Ice Rink

A 48-year-old woman who was visiting the Great Park in Irvine with her teenage children was hospitalized and is in serious condition after falling backwards and hitting her head while exiting a temporary ice skating rink on Valentine’s Day.

Ice rink

Woman in Critical Condition after Hitting Head in Ice Rink.

A spokesman said that the ice-skaters in the Great Park were supervised but the accident happened after a 45-minute session while the woman was leaving the rink. The slip-and-fall accident appears to be the first in the Great Park events to cause a major injury.

These accidents are completely preventable if only skaters would be cautious and hold on to safety handrails. They must take into consideration that they are on a slippery surface and they have their skating shoes on and so there is a possibility that they would lose balance.

If there are no safety handrails installed in areas where fall accidents are likely to occur or there are no other equipments that could prevent such accidents, then, the administrator of the event may have liability in the accident.

This accident should bring awareness to event organizers and patrons as well to always make sure that the safety of each individual should always come first in these fun events enjoyed by many.

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