Woman in Trip and Fall Accident Seeks $20,000 from City

A 59-year-old Westminster woman has filed her claims against the city after a trip and fall accident last April that resulted to a broken hip and a fractured knee.

Trip and Fall Accident Westminster Woman

Woman in Trip and Fall Accident Seeks $20,000 from City. (photo credit: teamsugar)

Carol Puszert underwent a hip replacement procedure and treatment for her knee which had put her in the hospital for a week. Puszert claims that she had to miss 10 working days as she was recovering from her injuries.

In her claim, Puszert said that she tripped on a parking block after leaving a yoga class she attended at the Murdy Recreation Center. She apparently failed to notice the parking block as it was reported to be the same color as the asphalt.

Puszert said that the $20,000 she is claiming from the city only covers her pain and suffering as well as her lost wages as she has no intentions of recovering her medical expenses.

The city is still reviewing Puszert’s claims but, they are indeed responsible in maintaining public structures and pavements. They should immediately investigate whether the parking block can really cause such accidents and address the problem so that no one else would be injured.

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