Having a Safer Air Trip

Because of the improved technology and better understanding of air safety, there has been a decline in aircraft accidents in the past few years. However, this could still be lessened if only all those involved in the operation will avoid complacency that could lead to negligence.

Tips for Safer Air Trip

Tips for Safer Air Trip

Recent accident shows that errors of the pilot, air traffic control, and even of crews may have caused fatal accidents that resulted to massive damages.

One example of negligence that luckily did not result to injuries is when a traffic controller brought a child to work and let the child give instructions to the pilot. As a result, the controller and his supervisor have been suspended as FAA investigate the incident.

In Minneapolis, a plane missed the landing strip by 150 miles as the air traffic controllers were not able to contact the plane for 69 minutes. Turns out, the two pilots of the wayward jet were preoccupied by their laptops. The controllers were also blamed as they failed to notify agencies that they were not able to contact the plane for more than an hour.

These mistakes of air traffic controllers and pilots are very likely to result in deaths and great damages.

I hope that FAA will be stricter and continue their thorough investigation regarding these cases.

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