Man Behind Usher’s Step Son’s Death Found Guilty

Usher with stepson, Kile (on the left) and ex-wife, Tameka (on the right).

Usher with stepson, Kile (on the left) and ex-wife, Tameka (on the right). Image gives credit to Getty Images.

More than a year after Usher’s stepson, Kile Glover, died from severe head injury following a jet ski accident, the court has finally deemed the man accused responsible for the kid’s death guilty.

According to recent news reports, a Hall County jury has finally released its verdict on Jeffrey Hubbard who is accused of causing the death of music artist Usher’s step son from his former spouse, Tameka.

In the said ruling, the jury reportedly found Hubbard guilty of serious injury by vessel, reckless operation of a vessel, a boat traffic violation and unlawful operation of a personal watercraft.

It was back in July 2012 when news that Usher’s stepson was declared brain dead as a result of severe head injury, which he incurred after being struck in the head by a man in jet ski, had surfaced.

Kile and his 15-year old companion were in an inner tube that was being pulled by a speed boat in Lake Lanier when the incident occurred. At the time when the young boy was being pulled out of the water, he was unresponsive until he was transported at the hospital where he was declared brain dead days later. On the sixth day, the boy succumbed to death.

He was only 11-year old during the time of his death. Reports said he was on a vacation with his biological father when the incident occurred.

Following the said incident, Usher was said to be torn according to his representatives. Although things went south between him and his estranged wife, Tameka, Usher had maintained a close relationship with the young boy during his lifetime, according to reports.

Hopefully, the R&B singer somehow feels at ease now that the jury has finally laid down its judgment on his late son’s death.


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