Jury Awards $29 M in Wrongful Death Suit against Nursing Home

Medical institutions and health care providers must always put their patients at the top priority in order to avoid facing lawsuits that may eventually threaten their financial stability.

A jury has recently ordered Colonial Healthcare located in Auburn to pay $28 million in punitive damages and $1.1 million actual damages for the death of an elderly woman placed under their care.

The demised, a 79-year-old Stockton woman named Frances Tanner who suffered mild dementia, was said to have broken her hip after a fall accident and suffered bed sores which eventually killed her.

Tanner’s daughter, Elizabeth Pao, filed a lawsuit alleging negligence and elderly abuse of Colonial and its parent company, Horizon West of Rocklin, which led to the death of her mother. She claimed for loss of companionship and pain and suffering caused by the death of her mother.

Colonial had faced other similar charges in the past and should have improved their services to their patients so that they won’t have to face lawsuits like this.

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