LA County to Pay $198K to Settle Mastectomy Lawsuit

The Los Angeles County’s Board of Supervisors has recently agreed to pay $198,000 to a woman who filed a lawsuit after going through an unnecessary mastectomy procedure believing that she had breast cancer.

Medical Malpractice Woman gets $198k for unnecessary mastectomy

The county acknowledged it failed to review the biopsy specimens, resulting in the unnecessary mastectomy. (photo credit: cbs)

The unidentified woman claims that Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center failed to re-examine her and review her biopsy specimen before she went through a double mastectomy procedure after an outside pathologist determined that she had cancer.

After the woman’s reconstructive operation, a pathologist from the hospital examined the tissues from her breasts and discovered that she, in fact, did not have breast cancer.

The woman then filed a lawsuit, which is likely to be medical malpractice, against the hospital who in turn improved their policy by making sure that in-house pathologist will first review the biopsy done by outside pathologists.

This case clearly shows the accountability of each hospital and care providers to their patient. The woman shouldn’t have gone through and live with such a painful and traumatic experience had the doctors determined that the outside pathologist was wrong in his diagnosis.

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