Victim Won’t Get Full $16.5 M Jury Verdict

A paraplegic and his wife have recently been awarded by a Riverside jury a total of $16.5 million for a medical malpractice lawsuit they’ve filed against a neurosurgeon in South California.

But he won’t get it all. An existing California law limits a $3.75 million portion of the verdict to only $500,000.

Trent Hughes was involved in an accident in Arizona and was airlifted to the Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs as he was feeling tingling in his feet and searing pain on his lower back.

The neurosurgeon on-call at the time of the accident, Christopher Pham, examined Hughes a day after the accident and delayed the much needed operation that could have saved his legs.

The operation happened in November 4, two days after he was brought to the hospital where he should have been examined by Pham immediately.

Hughes’ lawyers say that the delay of the operation caused irreparable damages that led to the victim’s paralysis.

Hughes, who owned a Phoenix air-conditioning company, earlier reached a settlement with the hospital for the harm he suffered.

Even if a portion of the verdict is greatly trimmed down, it would still provide him of a much needed compensation for the damages he suffered in the hands of a negligent doctor.

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