Warding Off the Dangers of Motorcycle Riding

Gauges on speeding motorcycle

Motorcycle riding is a great hobby to have. For some, it is like a pill to satisfy one’s need for speed and motorcycle riding is one very fun activity for motorcyclists. This is the reason why there are a number of people that love motorcycle riding. Compared to cars, some think that riding a motorcycle is a more practical solution for one’s mobility. However, one must realize that with the fun that comes with motorcycle riding, there are real dangers that one person should be made aware of before one truly consider getting a bike and start riding.

Motorcycle Accidents: By The Numbers


Motorcycle accidents can be quite fatal. Without the availability of a cage or passive and active safety features to give you the protection in case of an accident, riding a motorcycle can be truly dangerous. For example, motorcycle riders account for only 3 percent of the total registered vehicles in the US for the year 2012. Despite that small number of bikes, motorcycle casualties account for 15 percent of the total traffic fatalities in the same year. The reason for this high incidence of fatalities in motorcycle riders is because a lot of riders failed to wear the right protective gear like a crash helmet. This has caused society a total of $1.5 billion worth of savings. On the other hand, the society saved $3.4 billion because of riders who wore motorcycle helmets for the year 2011. This means that 1,699 lives of people were spare because of the proper use of motorcycle helmets. This proves that although riding a motorcycle can be quite dangerous, riders who make the right decision end up with minor injuries in the event of an accident. Moreover, riders who exercise safe riding habits have been spared from accidents. That is why riders have to always obey the law and practice defensive driving by putting one’s safety over everything.

Don’t be Hard-headed, Wear a Helmet


A rider’s use of a helmet could very well be the difference in one’s survival or death in the event of a motorcycle accident. That is why it is critical that one should always make sure that they are wearing a helmet at all time while riding a bike. More than wearing a helmet though, one has to choose the right helmets to ensure that these will work best to the rider’s advantage. Here are some of the pointers in purchasing your own helmet:

  • Find the DOT label. This ensures that a helmet has passed the minimum safety standards provider for by the government.
  • Get the right fit. Wearing a loose helmet is as good as not wearing one. So make sure that you look for the best fit when it comes to wearing a helmet.
  • Have your face covered. Your face needs equal protection from flying debris on the road. And so, find a helmet that offers good face protection.
  • Get a helmet with proper ventilation. Getting air inside the helmet is important not just to help you breathe properly but to avoid fogging and facilitate cooling.

Safe riding is critical in helping you enjoy the best of both worlds. Have fun and stay alive. That is why more than wearing the safety equipment needed in riding a Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney reminds riders to exercise good habits and ride defensively so you can ward off potential dangers while enjoying your bike.

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