Dad of Lodi Teen Killed in a Bus Stop Seeking a $10-Million Wrongful Death Claim

Imagine how it feels to lose someone in an instant, most especially if you certainly know that his/ her death is untimely and it was caused by other people’s negligence.

A father of a 14-year-old Lodi, Brianne Prieto in now suffering from mental anguish and deep sorrow due to her daughter’s untimely death caused by a negligent driver of a Dodge Durango. The victim and her sister were walking ahead to a bus stop to fetch their school bus when they were struck.

The accident happened several weeks ago, when Brianne and her sister was walking along the frontage road to the bus stop to where they were being picked by their school bus every day. As the girls crossed on the frontage road, a Dodge Durango hit them which dreadfully killed Brianne and caused major injuries to her sister.

In the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the father of the two minors involved in said pedestrian accident, the father claims that the accident was due to the negligence of driver of the Dodge Durango. He also claims in the lawsuit that the school district should have coordinated with the city of Lodi to provide a safe path for students where they could fetch their school bus. Both the city of Lodi and the school district don’t held themselves accountable for any liabilities for the said the tragic accident. The wrongful death claim is worth $10 million.

In case the father wins in his wrongful death claim, I don’t think that it would still be insufficient, since the father lost one of his lovely daughters. There is no such amount of money that can replace one’s value in life. However, getting the compensation you deserve may somehow lessen the emotional burden.

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