Russell Brand Smashes SUV into Homeless Man’s Stuff

Russell Brand

Photo gives credit to Zimbio.

Just a few weeks after news about Russell Brands’ alleged pedestrian accident broke, here comes another minor pedestrian accident for the famous English comedian.

Recent news reports and videos surfaced yesterday showing Brand picking up the belongings of a homeless man from the streets while his SUV is horizontally blocking the opposite lane of the roadway.

Apparently, Brand was trying to make a left turn on his Range Rover at around 9 o’clock in the morning in Hollywood when she smashed into a homeless man’s cart filled with recyclables and other stuff.

Several actual photos and video footage of him rushing to pick up the homeless man’s things were caught and posted online. Fortunately, nobody was hurt from the incident.

After cleaning up the mess, Brand quickly ran back to his car while the homeless man went back on his way. Probably, Brand wished that nobody caught him in action. However, many did see him and even filmed him as well.

Incidentally, this is not the first time that Brand had a remarkable experience with a homeless man. It can be recalled that just last September, Brand treated a bunch of homeless men to breakfast. There was also one time when he let a homeless man use his bath.

In addition, if the said incident can be referred to as a pedestrian accident, it may not be the first time for Brand since it was only last month when a pedestrian claimed that the actor/comedian drove into him last January in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, a Los Angeles vehicle accident lawyer claims that a court resolution regarding Brand’s alleged pedestrian accident has not yet started the litigation phase. Therefore, he said, it is not justifiable to come up with a conclusion at this point in time.

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