Russell Brand Sued for Alleged Pedestrian Accident

Photo gives credit to Zimbio.

The American comedian, Russell Brand is being sued by a pedestrian who claims that the actor drove into him earlier this year.

Accordingly, court documents revealed that Brand was driving negligently when he struck into the pedestrian, Victor Sneed last January in Los Angeles.

In his lawsuit, Sneed claims that suffered personal injury, damages to property and incurred hospital bills following the alleged accident. Nevertheless, the suit does not exactly specify the victim’s injuries.

Apparently, Sneed is seeking for damages and lost wages which amounted to more than $25,000.00 in his lawsuit.

Incidentally, the said incident occurred just a month after the actor/comedian and his wife Katy Perry broke up.

Unfortunately for Brand, if he will be convicted, this will be the second time around this year that he has been involved in legal proceedings. It could be remembered that Brand previously threw a photographer’s iPhone, which landed him into 20 hours of community service. Also, he was ordered to pay $500 in court fees resulting from his misconduct.

Moreover, aside from being a renowned womanizer, rumors have it that the multi-talented actor has an existing addiction to sex. However, it does not prevent him from charming the American public. However, it is not surprising indeed since aside from being a comedian and actor, the Rock of Ages star is also a talented radio and television personality, singer, columnist and author.

Meanwhile, a Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer noted that pedestrian accidents in the U.S. is quite common, therefore he advises every motorist to hold down on their speed especially in crowded areas and intersections to avoid further accidents.

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