Almost 1,000 Drivers Receive Traffic Ticket Due to Cell Phone Use

Cell phone use while driving is one of the leading causes of road accidents because it prevents drivers from immediately reacting to possible dangers that they may encounter while behind the wheel.

In an effort to reduce accidents that are caused by it, sheriff’s deputies, Valley California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers, and other policies officers have enforced a zero tolerance campaign, which took effect from Kern County to Mariposa and Stanislaus counties.

According to authorities, close to 1,000 tickets were issued during the said campaign due to different reasons like reading text messages and texting while driving as well as other violations that are related to distracted driving.

Hopefully, this campaign will raise drivers’ awareness regarding the drastic effects of these violations.

One thought on “Almost 1,000 Drivers Receive Traffic Ticket Due to Cell Phone Use

  1. I bet there are more than 1,000 violators of Cell phone ban in California counties. They are able to tweet while slipping another hand to the mobile phone unnoticeably. Talking about strategy, drivers are wiser nowadays in updating their friends in Facebook. More so, the latest craze on iPad makes driving even more challenging. Good luck to CHP officers, I hope they’ll come up with innovative policing techniques.

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