Industrial Accident Claims the Life of Pharmaceutical Employee

Because of the economic problems in the United States today, people do jobs which are dangerous in nature just to earn a living.

At least one worker has died while two of his colleagues are in a critical condition when the three of them were exposed to ethanol fumes at the pharmaceutical company that they are working in.

According to reports, the fatal accident occurred at Baxter Healthcare, which is located along W. Colorado Blvd. in Atwater Village, Los Angeles.

Reports said the employee died while he was trying to save his two co-workers who lost consciousness after inhaling ethanol fumes. The two were cleaning blood plasma from a container when they collapsed.

However, his heroic act resulted in his death when he was also exposed to it.

2 thoughts on “Industrial Accident Claims the Life of Pharmaceutical Employee

  1. The employer may be held liable for the employee’s death, considering that the fatal accident occurred while the employees were at work. My condolences to the deceased’s loved ones.

  2. I agree that Baxter Healthcare may face responsibility over the death of the heroic man and the injuries of the two other workers. The surviving family member of the deceased worker can file a Wrongful death lawsuit to recover damages. On the other hand, the injured workers can avail of the company’s worker’s compensation benefit. Hopefully, these legal actions can prevent further accident cases.

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