Ski Accident Victim to Donate Organs to Needy People

When we die, our healthy organs can still be used to save the lives of other people. This might have been what a ski accident victim is concerned about because he registered himself as an organ donor prior to his involvement in a ski accident.

Stephen Polster

"Ski Accident Victim, Stephen Polster, to Donate Organs to Needy People." (photo credit:

Reports stated that Stephen Polster, 21, from Orangevale, was severely injured during a terrible accident that occurred at Donner Ski Ranch last week. He is still confined at the Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno and is supported by a ventilator.

Doctors are now preparing to remove his organs including his lungs, kidneys, pancreas, heart and liver. These organs can save the lives of around eight people, said reports.

Meanwhile, his tissues, which include the skin, corneas, ligaments, and bone, can help in improving the lives of about 50 others.

Our deepest sympathies and prayers to Stephen’s loved ones. We know that he has done what he loved to do most, which is to help others, by offering his life and body to them.

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