Texas’ Leading Producer of Acetyl Products Named in Personal Injury Claim

personal injury claimTexas’ leading producer of acetyl product, Celanese was one of the defendants named after a personal injury claim filed by a Pearland resident employee.

Derrick Davis filed the said personal injury lawsuit last January 12 against his former employer, Clean Harbours Catalyst Technologies Inc. and the Celanese Chemicals Inc.

In his lawsuit, Davis is claiming that the accused are responsible for the incurable personal injury she sustained from the workplace.

Allegedly, Davis was instructed by a Clean Harbours employee to remove his steel – toe boots and put on a canvas anti – static shoes then enter a reactor vessel to clear a blockage in the catalyst tube together with a fellow worker. While Davis was in the reactor, another employee forced the plug through a catalyst tube using a highly compressed air to remove the blockage.

Though the tube clearing operation was successful, Davis on the other hand sustained grave foot injuries when the removed pipe from the catalyst tube struck him As a result, Davis sustained solid crush injuries to the skin, penetrating his bones, tendons and muscles.

Davis asserts that the accident was due to the negligence of the aforementioned companies.

Such case could fall under the Premise liability claim since the accident happened at the workplace. In addition, it occurred due to the companies’ negligence and failure to provide proper safety gears. Although this claim is considered as a personal injury claim, it presents the distinct problem and rare issues of worker safety. An expert lawyer is indeed needed in these cases such as a Los Angeles injury attorney.

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