San Diego Man Blinded in Sword Match Sues California’s Medieval Times

Photo gives credit to the original owner, Medieval Times.

The San Diego man who got permanently blinded after a small shard of titanium sword struck his eye is now suing California’s Medieval Times.

In his lawsuit, Dustin Wiseman of San Diego claimed that the incident occurred when he and his wife, Melissa Wiseman watched the Medieval Times sword fightway back in April, 2011.

Wiseman stated that as they sat on the VIP section on the front row seats, the swords of the performers were allegedly shredding metals into the air. Unfortunately, one of those shards struck Wiseman’s left eye.

As a result of which, Wiseman’s cornea and lens got torn, while his retina was damaged which caused his permanent blindness. He initially underwent several surgeries to regain his sight but all efforts failed.

In his lawsuit which is seeking $10 million in damages, Wiseman held the medieval-themed restaurant chain responsible for the incident. He claimed that despite knowing that the dangerous metal shards can hit viewers, Medieval Times still continued to use titanium in its staged sword fights.

In his letter, Wiseman described how distressful his life had been after the incident. He added that even simply pouring water into a glass is now a difficult task for him to do.

Wiseman and his wife were newly-weds and were actually having their honeymoon at the time of the incident. And according to Wiseman’s wife, she never thought that she would play a caregiver role so early in their marriage since the incident left Wiseman unable to carry out certain tasks.

Meanwhile, according to reports, the Medieval Times denied all the allegations set against them by the Wiseman couple.

A Los Angeles premise liability lawyer here agreed with the couple’s legal counsel that abiding with the traditional saying of profit over safety should no longer be observed nowadays since it can possibly cost business owners with more severe penalties and damages.

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