Recommendable Types of Windshield Wiper for Safe Driving

Recommendable Types of Windshield Wiper for Safe DrivingEach part of a vehicle is vital to one another. However, while tires, wheels and engines are highly prioritized, what most of the owners overlooked is the great importance of paying attention with their car’s windshield wipers. This particular component of a vehicle has been probably one of those things that receive least of your concern which is tremendously wrong. As a matter of fact, according to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA), majority of car collisions in 2012 are results of driver error which is found prompted whenever the presence of vehicle equipment or parts malfunction is there. Thus, choosing the best type of windshield wiper is evidently necessary.

Accordingly, serious health threats including amputation, back injuries, bone fractures, spinal cord injuries and even paralysis are just some of the dangers that an individual may suffer from if he or she is unluckily enough to encounter a car accident because of a poor condition of windshield wipers. As a responsible car owner, these are three leading types of windshield wipers to contemplate for purchase:

  • Frame-style windshield wipers. Characterized by including a metal framework which acts as a mount for the actual wiper blades, frame-style windshield wipers are also known as a traditional one. Also, this type has been proven as the top preference of the majority of car owners because it doesn’t cost much and due to its well-established reputation among the vehicle owners.
  • Beam or hybrid-style wipers. Unlike the traditional windshield wipers, hybrid-style wipers are classified with the absence of the usual framework seen in the aforesaid type. Basically, the beam-style wipers are featuring some minimal parts in one. Although a prospective buyer needs to pay an expensive amount, greater benefits such as its long-term usage can be expected.
  • Anti-frost windshield wipers. Specially developed for the winter season, the anti-frost windshield wipers are renowned for offering broad functionality among its users when travelling in places with snow. The combined features comprising of a protective rubber shield framework and traditional blades are the assets of the anti-frost windshield wipers against such weather condition.

The abovementioned examples are the available options of windshield wipers which can keep one from suffering the extended consequences of a car accident event such as the related medical bills, required surgeries, mental anguish, emotional trauma and other damages. Straightforwardly, defective parts of a vehicle can highly cause accidents. In California, regardless if the car you used during the mishap encounter are owned or leased, rights for federal and state laws are what you can secure as a victim. Apart from choosing the most suitable type, windshield wipers should also be replaced each year.

On the other hand, if an installed windshield wiper system failed to operate correctly which later triggered a mishap, then the car accident victim has a defective product liability claim. In such situation, after the said individual attended the appropriate medication for the entire injuries that he or she incurred, it’s necessary to secure a legal assistance from a Los Angeles product liability case attorney as soon as possible. This is to gain a lawful compensation consisting of a victim’s economic and non-economic damages apart from the chance of granting some punitive damages.

Evidently, regardless of the weather condition, the car driver’s visibility is always an important aspect to consider along with a frequent and proper maintenance of the vehicle as a whole. According to studies, the rubber compounds placed on the windshield wipers is the reason why a replacement should be done from time to time. Brittleness, screeching, smearing, screeching and streaking are signs that you must replace your car’s windshield wiper already. Lastly, while you can install the said vehicle part by yourself, there are experts who can help you out.

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