2 Most Promising Technologies of 2013: Self-driving and Online Electric Cars

This guest post gives credit to Lisa Jane of Lexus Nottingham.


Electric CarsEvery new year brings new advances in science and technology. These advances are becoming more exciting and interesting as they continue to progress over time. After all, our technological capabilities are now soaring, and the avenues that we are exploring are very remarkable. This rings true for 2013. There are lots of phenomenal innovations in the pipeline and people are eagerly anticipating them. However, there are two technological innovations this year that unquestionable jump off the page – online electric cars and self-driving cars. And hopefully these innovations will be in local Nottingham Inchcape Lexus dealerships soon.

Online electric cars

This is a concept that has been floating around in the technology spectrum for many years now. In fact, the theory behind these vehicles is mainly rooted around  electromagnetic induction. This concept of a reaction between a magnetic field and a circuit has been around for over a hundred years now, since 1831 to be precise. Nevertheless, this is a theory that has never been applied to the automobile world successfully.

This summer, we can expect to see the very first online electric car. All automobile enthusiasts and technology hobbyists are counting down the days until July so that they can witness the first-ever wireless electric bus. It was revealed that this bus will move via the electric currents on the track. This could completely change the face of the automobile world and could inspire more innovations similar to such. This is ground breaking and exciting to say the least.

Self-driving cars

Wouldn’t it be great if your car drives itself? Instead of you doing all of the hard work, your vehicle will do it for you?  Well, this is exactly what we could see happening over the next few years. If this technology takes off, then driving will no longer be the chore it is deemed to be by many. You can kick back and relax like all of your passengers get to.

This was a concept that was first put into action by Google last year despite the car accident liability issues associated with it. However, there have been mass innovations and developments since then and we can expect to see a much more advanced self driving car throughout 2013. According to widespread reports, scientists at popular and world renowned Oxford University have developed the ultimate self-driving car. This car can cope with all weather conditions – that is right; you will no longer have to drive through the torrid British snow to get to work!

You are probably all thinking: “This sounds great, but nobody is going to be able to afford one of these cars.” However, you will be pleased to learn that this is a lot easier and cheaper than you probably think. You don’t actually have to go out and purchase a new car with this system fitted. You can simply have the system fitted to the car that you already have. Therefore, hassle is eliminated and you don’t have to wave goodbye to your current vehicle. Moreover, it is predicated that these car systems won’t cost you much money either. Reports indicate that they could be on sale for as little as £100 – how amazing is that?

These two concepts are certainly going to be massive innovations throughout the current year. Keep an eye out for developments because you could be driving to Nottingham Inchcape Lexus to have a self driving system fitted or even to purchase an online electric car!

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