Cal-Maine Foods Recalls 800K Eggs

A quick follow-up on our Egg Recall Due to Salmonella Reaches Half Billion post, according to a CBS report, the nation’s largest egg seller has also announced the product recall of about 800,000 eggs that is related to the latest salmonella outbreak.

product recall CalMaine recalls 800k eggs

Cal-Maine Foods announced the recall of 800,000 eggs from an Iowa supplier(Photo Credit:

According to Cal-Maine Foods Inc., they received notification from an Iowa egg producer that the 32 truckloads of eggs that were delivered to them last April 9 and August 19 may be infected by salmonella.

It was not clear which Iowa producer (Hillandale or Wright County Eggs) have supplied Cal-Maine with the recalled eggs.

Cal-Maine did clarify that none o the eggs being recalled were produced by the company.

However, it is not clear if the 800,000 eggs is an addition or already included in the over half billion  eggs recalled nationwide.

Again we would like to remind everyone to check the boxes of their eggs to see if its included in the recall.

You can click here to check the plant where the eggs came from.

The FDA advises consumers to dispose of affected eggs.

Even if thorough cooking may kill the bacteria, consumers are advised not to risk it.

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