City Sued for Risky Bathroom Stalls

The local government is responsible in making sure that public properties are safe for everyone’s use. They must make sure that the location and design of these won’t hurt anyone and would safely serve its purpose to the community.

Safety defects: Woman sues over hazardous stall

"Woman sues over hazardous restroom stall." (photo credit: orange county register)

A woman in Newport Beach is suing the city and two other companies for what she alleges to be a “hazardous” bathroom stall that broke her finger and caused her to miss work.

In the court documents, Marlene Elaine Olson said that she was to use a bathroom stall and was closing its door when a person from the adjacent stall opened her door hitting Olson’s door which caused it to slam shut and injure her finger.

Olson says that the city failed to make sure that the bathroom stalls were properly installed as it was on a public property. Aside from the city, the company who installed the door and the manufacturer who Olson claims to have made a defective product is also included in the lawsuit.

It is still unclear how much Olson is claiming but it is expected to exceed $25,000 as it will cover her medical expenses and lost wages caused by the accident.

One thought on “City Sued for Risky Bathroom Stalls

  1. Oh yes. We must do everything to the lowest common denominator. We must protect the idiots from themselves. That is why everything is so expensive. What a joke and what a huge waste of tax payer money. We should sue her for being stupid and wasting our tax money.

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