Doctor Awarded $15M in Botox Lawsuit

Manufacturers need to make sure that their products would not have adverse effects on patient especially if they claim to improve one’s health and living. Also, those that are known to cause illness should be labeled and identified as such in order to warn those who would use it.

A jury in Oklahoma has recently awarded a gynecologist and obstetrician about $15 million for the damages that Botox, made by Allergan, inflicted after it has been administered to her in 2006.

In the lawsuit, Dr. Sharla Helton, claimed that she experienced difficulty in breathing, double vision, and pain in her limbs after she got the injections that should have smoothed her wrinkles.

Helton alleges that she lost her job because of the side effects from getting the Botox injections. She believes that the verdict should bring awareness to the public of the dangerous side effects that Botox injections can inflict.

Allergan is intending to appeal the case.

Consumers must make sure that the products, especially medicines that they use, are known to deliver good results and would not cause any harm. It is best to go online and read about recalls and defects that involve the said product.

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