Family Files Wrongful Death Charges after Fatal 2009 Salmonella Outbreak

Food manufacturing companies, including spice makers, are required to sell safe products to people because failure to do so can lead to severe sicknesses or deaths.

In fact, the family of a woman who reportedly died due to a salmonella infection last year has recently filed a wrongful death suit against a Union City spicemaker.

U.F. Union International, along with all the companies that have sold its products to the people, are facing a lawsuit that was filed by the loved ones of Donna Pierce, 69, from San Leandro, in the Alameda County Superior Court.

The suit rooted from a 2009 bacterial outbreak that is connected to the spices that Union International produced. The company recalled its Uncle Chen and Lian How brands of spices later on.

Pierce allegedly suffered from a salmonella infection when she ate contaminated white pepper after her lung surgery in February 2009. The woman died two months after.

According to reports, dozens of people all over Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and California became sick due to this outbreak.

Hopefully, Pierce’s loved ones have already acquired the services of a skilled lawyer because establishing a company’s guilt in the death of a person who has eaten contaminated products is quite hard to prove in court.

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