Sacramento Kings Sue for Product Liability

Even prominent athletes are not safe from accidents caused by defective products.

defective product Sacramento Kings file product liability suit after Francisco Garcia injured Gymnic

The Sacramento Kings are seeking $4 million in damages after Francisco Garcia (above) injured his wrist when the Gymnic Ball he was using burst while he was lifting weights. (photo credit:

In fact, a recent issue involves Sacramento Kings’ Francisco Garcia who was injured last year after a gym ball spontaneously exploded as he was doing a bench-press exercise. As a result, his team is now seeking more than $4 million for the damages that his injury has caused.

Garcia was reportedly balancing on the Gymnic “Burst Resistant” Plus Stability Ball while he was lifting weights during his training for the Sacramento Kings when the ball suddenly burst.

Garcia broke his wrist because of the accident and his injury sidelined him for several months causing financial losses to his team as he was paid $29.6 million for a five-year contract.

Because of the 2009 accident, the Kings are now suing three parties — the Ledraplastic, Ball Dynamics International, and M-F Athletic Company.

Ledraplastic is the Italian manufacturer of the ball while the Colorado-based Ball Dynamics gives access to therapy and ball products and the third company, known as Perform Better, is responsible for the product distribution.

After the accident, the ball was examined and there weren’t any evidence that shows any puncture or excessive usage of the supposedly “Burst Resistant” ball.

This recent lawsuit should highlight issues of false claims made to advertise the product and to increase its sales. If it is proven that these exercise balls are not as durable as they are advertised, then, the manufacturer and distributors should definitely be held liable for the defective product.

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