Three Infant Deaths Forces Crib Recalls

The death of three children, which prompted a nationwide recall, is attributed to the faulty design and structure of drop-side cribs that sold about 500,000 units in Wal-Mart and other retail stores.

The cribs were made by ChildESIGNS and Generation 2 Worldwide which went out of business in 2005. Nonetheless, they will be held responsible for the fatal accidents under the product liability laws.

The defect of the crib was mainly found in the mattress and the side-drop that can be detached from the cribs’ main frame creating a gap which is reported to cause strangulation and suffocation as the infant can easily be trapped in it.

The demised infants were reported to be between 6-8 months. The Consumer Product Safety Commission received 20 other reported cases of detached drop sides and eight cases when the mattress supports gets separated.

For parents who are using these cribs for their children, they must contact the store where they bought the crib to find remedy that will prevent any unfortunate accident to happen from product defects.

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