Covina Woman Passes through a Panel of Jury over a Slip and Fall Claim

A Covina woman was awarded with $415,000 by a jury for her slip-and-fall claim that she filed against one of the largest retailing stores in the United States.

After the jury has ruled 12-0 in her favor, Monika Leiterman, 58, was awarded with the amount of $89,868.28 for her medical expenses and $325,000 for her sustained pain and sufferings, totaling to $414,868.28 in economic compensations.

Leiterman has said that before she reached the generous ruling, she had a hard time gathering evidences to present in court. In her lawsuit, Leiterman has claimed that the Industry Costco Store’s employees failed to clean up a spill on its office which resulted in the accident.

As a result of the slip-and-fall accident, Leiterman underwent a medical operation that required her kneecaps to be wired together. According to her slip-and-fall lawyer, Leiterman still needs to undergo two more medical procedures to fully recover from her injuries, Her lawyer further stated that Leiterman, as expected, will suffer from partial immobility and body pains for her entire life.

Costco has never admitted the allegations nor offered any settlement.

Leiterman is still lucky enough to win on her slip-and-fall accident claim. This is because she has a very good slip-and-fall lawyer. Nowadays, slip-and-fall claims are so hard to prove since a lot of scam artists are also making such claims to. Therefore, filing for accident claim is like passing through a needle hole. A victim should have a lawyer that is capable enough with dealing with all the necessary actions in pursuing the case.

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