The Major Impacts of a Slip and Fall Accident in a Business

Slip and fall maybe a funny scene at a comedy show or a movie. However, in real life it is not as ridiculous that people could laugh about. It is a serious accident that may lead to all sorts of injuries.

In the US, slip and fall is one of the leading causes of injury to customers and employees every year. Each year, the workers compensation and medical expenses associated with slip and fall accidents in American businesses costs approximately $70 billion, based from the National Safety Council.

Wet or greasy floors, messy environment to uneven surfaces, poor cleaning and lack of hazard identification are some of the causes of slip and fall accidents in business establishments. However, these could be avoided with proper cleaning and maintenance of the workplace.

Here are the three major effects of a slip and fall injury to businesses:

A slip and fall injury can drain your business resources – when a customer or an employee experiences slip and fall injuries within the business premises, the employer or the business itself is held liable in terms of financial obligations. Injuries that may be sustained from a slip and fall accidents vary. Therefore, its medical expenses also differ. There is a huge possibility of business financial bankruptcy once a slip and fall victim sustained serious injuries.

A slip and fall injury can damage your company’s reputation – in some cases of slip and fall accidents, a victim and business owner or the employer don’t always end up on a great deal or bargain. There are some instances when a slip and fall accident should really undergo a lawsuit or litigation. Whether the business is at fault or not, lawsuits and even just complaints that may arise could damage its reputation.

Employers may also suffer from loss of productivity – once an employee-sustained injuries, employer’s cannot force or allow the employee to get back on his work. Absence of an employee may result in the loss of productivity for a business.

Business owners should not only focus on the sales and productivity of a business. They should also take some time to realize if their premises should be safe not only for their workers but as well as for the customers to avoid these aforementioned major impacts of slip and fall injury.

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