Sophomore Hockey Player Survives Spinal Cord Injury, Remains Semi-paralyzed

Recently, a hockey game played at St. Paul, Minnesota became the talk of the town after one of the sophomore hockey players from Benilde-St Margaret was seriously injured during the game.

The accident occurred during the varsity hockey game last December 30 when the 16–year-old Jack Jablonski was accidentally checked from behind. “Check” is hockey jargon which means an act of physically keeping an opponent hindered.

Jablonski sustained spinal cord injury (SCI) on his neck and two broken vertebrae due to the checking incident. He underwent spinal fusion surgery last January 4, 2012 in Minneapolis, Minnesota to reconnect his broken spines.

Spinal cord fusion is mainly used to get rid of the pain caused by the abnormal motion of the vertebrae. The process is done by making the damaged vertebrae immovable which is usually a result of degenerative conditions.

Jablonski’s spinal cord fusion was successful. However, according to the information disclosed by his parents, the sophomore hockey player’s injury was awful. Jablonski has limited movement and his lower extremities were paralyzed.

After that incident, the school’s varsity hockey game against Wayzata that was supposed to be on January 5 was postponed.

Hockey is an extreme sport that has been played since 1272 BC. It is played with two competing teams trying to maneuver a puck towards the opponent’s goal by using a hockey stick. Due to the excitement of this sport, many players love the game. However, due to the danger that is associated with the game, hockey has been included on the list of banned games

Possibly, some of the hockey players on their emotional distress are now having a second thought whether or not to pursue the game after learning about the devastating effect of the spinal cord injury that Jablonski sustained from the recent game.

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