Animals that Attack: A List of Animals That Can Be Quite Dangerous

Animals that Attack: A List of Animals That Can Be Quite DangerousAnimals can be a good source of joy that some people even end up getting domesticated ones as pets. However, it is really difficult to completely understand the behavior of animals. This makes it even more difficult to predict what they will be doing. In fact, even the most domesticated animals become culprits in cases of animal attacks recorded in the country. Dogs, whom people call as “man’s best friend” remains as the one of the top reasons for these attacks and injuries to humans.


Is there a way for you to avoid getting hurt and injured because of an animal gone wild? “Knowing your enemy” is one great help in trying to avoid getting hurt by these creatures. But what animals should you avoid? Here is a list of the top 25 animals that have been the cause of death of humans. Simply put, these are the animals that you should avoid or be very careful in dealing with.


  • Bulls. These animals are naturally harmless, however there have been recorded incidents of farming and riding accidents involving bulls. So be cautious when you are with one to avoid injuries.
  • Black Widow and Brown Recluse Spiders. Hey may be small and look harmless. All it takes though is one sting and you can end up writhing in pain or worse, dead. In fact, around three people die every year because of spider bites. Common victims are very young children that fail to get medical attention after being bitten.
  • Bears. These animals may have always been portrayed as a cuddly creature. However, bears can be quite dangerous as around 10 people die yearly because of attacks to humans.
  • Sharks. Think Jaws. These huge fishes are responsible for around 75 attacks and 10 deaths annually. They are known to attack humans so make sure that you avoid one to avoid being a part of the statistics.
  • Horses. While they are not really dangerous and they don’t really mean harm, thousands of accidents brought about by horses misbehaving has left people either injured or dead.
  • Cows. They may not seem aggressive or harmful but all it takes it provocation to make this docile creature into someone who’d maul you to death.
  • Ants. These little creatures may be fun to look at but they can be deadly. Believe it or not, ants were said to be responsible for the death of around 30 people every year.
  • Bees. Bites by bees can cause an allergic reaction enough to induce death to a person especially those who fail to get immediate medical attention.
  • Lions. Just watch National Geographic and Animal Planet and you will know why they are called the king of the jungle. These animals have been known to attack, kill, and eat humans.
  • Jellyfish. According to reports, jellyfish stings can cause death to humans. Provoked or unprovoked, jellyfish stings and these are actually deadlier than sharks.
  • Tigers. These are the deadliest of all the big cats. To prove that, tens to hundreds of people are killed by wild tiger attacks. Even domesticated tigers can still attack humans if provoked.
  • Deers. Deers may attacks and kill humans using its anthers. However, these can also cause death to people as it is one of the leading causes of car accidents annually.
  • Dogs. They may be man’s best friends but all it takes is provocation and they can really attack and kill people. Every year, hundreds of dog attacks and fatalities are recorded, proof that our canine friends can be really quite dangerous.
  • Crocodiles. In captivity or in the wild, crocodiles are just plain dangerous period. So do everything that you can to avoid them.
  • Scorpions. The sting of these dangerous animals have poison enough to kill humans. In fact, thousands are killed every year because of their stings.
  • Snakes. There’s no such thing as domesticated snakes. Whether they are venomous or not, an attack can definitely hurt, injure, and even kill people


These animals can really be dangerous that is why you should exercise the necessary precaution to avoid getting hurt or killed by these animals. However, if these are ever in captivity and its owners or keepers fail to take good care of them and contain them, you can sue the latter and file an animal attack claim. To do so, you will need to hire a personal injury lawyer in California that knows the laws in the state and have the experience in handling such claims. They will help you prepare a claim and boost your chances of winning by representing you well in court. This way, you will be able to receive compensation for the injuries or losses you may incur because of these animal attacks.