Hospital Admits Guilty for a Carlisle Girl’s Birth Injury

birth injuryThe North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust admitted their negligence at the high court and agreed to pay all the damages incurred by a Carlisle girl.

The hospital’s monetary fine was said to reach a total of £5 million (US $7.7 million). As agreed upon the lawsuit, the hospital will pay the £2.3 million (US $3.5 million) lump sum to the 11-year old Carlisle girl who sustained a birth injury during her delivery and £200,000 (US $300,000) per year through the rest of her life.

The young girl whose name cannot be disclosed for legal purposes was born at Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle, Cumbria, England.

According to court documents, the said hospital failed to diagnose that the girl’s mother had suffered a placental abruption, a birth-related condition wherein the placental lining separated from the uterus of the mother before the baby is delivered. As a result, the girl’s delivery became overdue causing her cerebral hypoxia and severe brain injury.

The girl’s family filed for a birth injury claim which has been finally resolved only recently. After the final court hearing, her mother narrated how difficult the life of her daughter had been due to the birth injury she sustained when she was born. The family can’t help but to show their joy while looking forward to getting the best care and equipment that the young girl needed to lessen the obstacles that she is facing in each passing day.

After hearing about the said resolution, the Los Angeles personal injury attorneys are very impressed with the court’s just resolution on this case since they fully understand that birth injury is one of the most depressing situations that can occur in one’s life.