Former Porn Film Star Jenna Jameson Pleads Guilty to DUI

In a recent court hearing, former porn film star Jenna Jameson pleaded guilty to driving under the influence when she crashed her vehicle into a light pole in Southern California.

Jameson was sentenced to three years of informal probation aside from the monetary fines in the amount of $340.00 that she was required to pay. Moreover, the porn legend was also ordered to participate in a Mothers Against Drunk Driving “victim’s impact panel”.

The former porn royalty was initially charged with three misdemeanor counts, one for driving under the influence, one for having blood-alcohol content (BAC) level over the state legal limit, and one for driving on a suspended license. However, on Aug. 16, Jameson’s charge for suspended license was dropped.

The actress-turned-author was arrested last May 25, after her Range Rover rammed into a pole in Westminster. Jameson sustained injuries from the incident but refused medical assistance. She was taken into custody by the Westminster authorities following the incident but was later released upon paying her bail.

Jameson’s field sobriety test result revealed that her BAC level was 0.13, which exceeded the state legal limit of 0.08. Also, at least two prescription drugs, zolpidem and buprenorphine, were found in her system.

According to Jameson’s legal counsel, the 38-year-old porn legend was apologetic and grateful since nobody was seriously injured from the incident.

For the purpose of traffic law enforcement, BAC is set to determined intoxication and provides an estimated measure of a driver’s impairment. Although the level of impairment may vary among individuals with the same alcohol content, the same can be measured objectively. Therefore, it is lawfully useful and difficult to appeal in court. In most countries, driving under the prescribed levels of BAC is prohibited for the purpose of reducing car accidents caused by drunk drivers, explained a Los Angeles car accident attorney.

Eva Longoria Finally Settles Lawsuit from 2010 Car Accident

Former “Desperate Housewives” actress Eva Longoria finally settled a lawsuit stemming from her 2010 car accident that happened in Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.

According to official case records, Longoria was sued by Roman Gasparyan after she allegedly lost control of her 2010 BMW and then crashed into his vehicle a couple of years ago.

Initially, Gasparyan claimed that he was at the median, waiting to make a left turn when Longoria’s car that was on the opposite lane suddenly swerved and struck his car. However, according to Longoria’s publicist, based on police reports, Gasparyan was at fault for the incident and that he even admitted it at the scene. Longoria’s publicists further claimed that the actress did not make any abrupt lane change and called the lawsuit as frivolous.

According to the lawsuit, Gasparyan experienced mental and physical sufferings, which prompted him to file for a claim with unspecified damages.

The said lawsuit was about to go on trial on August 15, but both parties agreed to reach an agreement to settle the lawsuit before the scheduled trial. However, the terms of the settlement was undisclosed. The settlement was only announced in the LA Superior Courts last August 3.

Car accidents generally happen as a result of negligent behaviors or misconduct of others. In fact, drivers’ failure to obey traffic rules and regulations as well as to implement reasonable care in operating vehicles makes them more prone to road mishaps.

Accordingly, here are some of the major causes of car accidents for drivers to avoid:

•    Failure to observe traffic signs and warnings
•    Drivers’ lack of skill
•    Going beyond maximum speed limit
•    Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or other intoxicating substance
•    Excessive conversation with other passengers
•    Tailgating
•    Failure to conduct regular car safety checks
•    Disregarding bad weather and prevailing road conditions

By spreading awareness regarding such information particularly to motorists, a Los Angeles injury attorney believes that the number of injuries and death caused by car accidents can be greatly reduced.

2 Boys Injured in Intersection Collision near Tulare

The risk of an accident is greater when you are along an intersection because you will likely encounter vehicles coming from various directions.

At least two boys were injured after a 2000 Nissan sedan and a 2002 Toyota sedan collided along an intersection near Tulare.

According to California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers, both Angel and Diego, who are aged 11 and 12, were not wearing their seatbelt when the accident occurred. They were ejected from the vehicle due to the impact.

Fortunately, the boys landed on a pasture which was near the corner of Road 132 and Avenue 228.

This accident shows the importance of being cautious with your actions while on the road, especially while passing along an intersection. In addition, it also tells you how important it is to wear your seatbelt because this tool can save your life and protect you from serious injuries when an accident happened.

You can learn more about car accidents by consulting with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney.

SDPD Officer Commits Suicide amidst DUI, Hit-and-Run Controversy

Reputation is very important, especially to those who are supposed to serve as role models to ordinary people. Being involved in a controversy or a legal procedure can damage your name, but it should not be used as a reason for ending your own life.

A San Diego Police Department officer committed suicide while facing charges of felony hit-and-run and DUI.

According to reports, Officer David Christopher Hall shot himself to death at his house located along the 3300 block of Ashford Street in Kearny Mesa.

In February 2011, the officer was involved in a DUI-related collision in Serra Mesa and he allegedly fled afterwards.

On May 2, he pleaded not guilty to the mentioned charges.

For more information about DUI and other causes of car accidents, you are encouraged to call a skilled Los Angeles personal injury lawyer.

LA Sheriff’s Deputy Pleads Not Guilty to Hit-and-Run and DUI Charges after Collision

Authorities, as advocates of the law, are expected to comply with it. If they failed to do so, they may also be required to undergo the litigation process and to face the penalties of their violation.

A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy identified as Michael Anthony Grundy, 45, recently pleaded not guilty to two felony counts which are related to hit-and-run and DUI.

The charges stemmed from an accident which occurred last January.

The deputy collided with another car along an intersection. The other motorist was injured as a result of the incident. Instead of helping the motorist, he chose to flee the accident area.

Fortunately, he was seen by to other deputies. California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers then arrested him.

He is being accused of driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

If you want to know more details about car accidents, you are encouraged to call a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer.

School Bus Driver with Minor Injuries After Crash

School bus drivers are expected to be extra careful because they are driving kids to and from their school.

Fortunately, the Poway Unified School District bus that was involved in a recent accident was just on it way to pick-up children from school so no one, aside from the driver, was on the bus.

The 63-year-old driver was reportedly heading to Russet Leaf Lane near Deer Canyon Elementary School when it sideswiped a parked vehicle. The driver may have panicked and over-corrected as he steered away from the vehicle. But unfortunately, he lost control of the school bus as it went up and down an embankment.

The bus then hit trees and crossed traffic lanes before hitting a vehicle occupied by a mother and her daughter. The bus crashed into the garage door of an empty house.

The mother and daughter were thankfully uninjured and was not taken to a hospital.

The unidentified driver, however, sustained minor injuries from the accident.

There are a lot of factors to be considered in this bus accident so the local authorities are still conducting an investigation.